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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

JBL Has Released The Results of Its Quarterly Earnings

JBL has come forward with its data on quarterly earnings with an EPS of $1.60, according to Briefing. Interestingly, the EPS posted by them was above the consensus estimate placed by Thomson Reuters at $1.04. The company had a revenue of around $7.83 billion for this quarter, where the consensus estimate was $7.05 billion. The net margin of Jabil was 0.20%, with a return on its equity set at 5.25%. The quarterly revenue for the company was up by 4.4% when compared with the previous year. The EPS posted by the firm the previous year was around $1.05. 

The Stocks Options of JBL

The stocks of JBL traded at $44.50 last Thursday. The moving average over 50 days for the company was $37.66, with a 200 day moving average of $34.57. The market cap for the company is $6.70 billion, with a PE ratio of 120.77, and a PEG ratio of 1.01, and a beta of 1.32. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company was 1.47 for the quarter, with a quick ratio of 0.66, and a current ratio fixed at 1.01. The fifty-two week low of the company was $17,63, while the fifty-two week high was set at $44.20. 

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There have been a number of research firms that have weighed in on the stocks of JBL. The Goldman Sachs Group cut the shares of the company from a rating of ‘buy’ to a rating of ‘neutral’, with a price target of $41. Zacks Investment Research, too, lowered the shares of the company from a rating of ‘strong-buy’ to a rating of ‘hold’, and a price objective of $41. 

The current rating of JBL is ‘hold’, with a price target set at $39.44.

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