Barclays Has Set VC Up With a Price Objective of $150


Several research analysts from Barclays have increased the price target on the stocks of VC from $101 to $150 in one of the research notes published. The brokerage has also given a rating of ‘overweight’ to the stocks of the company, which indicates an increase of 16.41% on the current price of the company. 

Research Investment Firms and their Judgement on VC

There have been quite a few research analysts who have weighed in on the stocks of VC. Guggenheim has already increased the shares of this company from a rating of ‘neutral’ to a rating of ‘buy’ in one of their research notes. JPMorgan Chase & Co has also increased the objective price of the company from $65 to $83, along with a rating of ‘neutral’. The Goldman Sachs Group has also increased the price target of the company from $76 to $90, along with the rating- which has gone from ‘sell’ to ‘neutral’. Zacks Investment Research has also joined in on the fun with a rating of ‘strong-buy’ for the company, along with an objective price of $95. 

One of the equities analysts working on VC has given the stock a rating of ‘sell’, while three of them have given it a rating of ‘hold’. Six of them have given the stocks of the company a rating of ‘buy’, with a ‘strong buy’ from one lone analyst. The consensus rating on the firm is ‘Buy’, with a price target of $94.80. 

The shares of VC traded at $128.85, last Thursday. The company has a year low of $38.69, with a year high of $136.10. The moving average for the company over 50-day is $111.14, while the moving average over 200-day is $84.09. 

VC had previously posted the results of their earnings on the 29th of October. The EPS earned by the maker of auto parts was $1.36.