Judge Restricted An User Of CFTC From Further Engagement In The Market


Michael Ackerman, a resident of Ohio, has been warned by Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald from further engaging with CFTC. He has been engaged in fraud; some victims have suffered and are still suffering.

He has been asked to pay the victims $27 million as restitution.

He has scammed people with digital assets, and many have lost thousands of dollars.

He has to maintain distance from the market or engage in any activity.

Another $27 million Ackerman has to pay for a civil penalty. As a result of his involvement in the deceptive scheme.

Michael Ackerman Used CFTC Like A Medium For Sole Purpose

Ackerman, a conman, has been scamming people since 2017. He has been using CFTC since then. If it were for it, he wouldn’t have been caught. He is banned from engaging in anything related to Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and even in the future. And other markets that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission controls. Ackerman has used false schemes to lure all the investors to himself.

He has provided them with the idea of helping them in ways they wanted. However, he has used all the money for his purposes. Or even worse, perhaps coerced many others to walk into his traps.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission has accused Ackerman of a case dragged back from 2020. And after further and elaborate investigation, it has come to the surface. Michael Ackerman has been fooling people from August 2017 to December 2019.

Nearly 150 have trusted Ackerman with their money. He has loaded nearly $33 million in total. Whereas less than $10 million were used for trading. CFTC chairman has announced they would be restricting the usage with the third party to reduce the risks.