Just Sam Hospitalized With Mystery Illness

Just Sam

Samantha Diaz, popularly known as Just Sam and the winner of American Idol 2020, was admitted to the hospital at the start of the week, and it appears that her condition is grave.

She posted images of herself at the hospital’s facilities while she was there and stated that she needed assistance with her updates to her Instagram feed and stories. She is 100 pounds.

“100 pounds is insane. I need treatment now.” She did not, however, explain why she was at the hospital or why she needed assistance. She revealed, “I appreciate everyone who came to check on me. I have survived and left the hospital.”

Just Sam Is In Serious Condition

“I appreciate everyone’s prayers. She informed her 148K Instagram followers, “I am doing a lot better now.

On Wednesday, Just Sam said that she had returned home and thanked everyone who had inquired about her. I have left the hospital and am A LIVE.”

Sadly, it did not last very long. Just Sam was admitted to the hospital again the next day, suggesting that her health had deteriorated.

“Brother, I need a better hospital. I dislike it here, she admitted.

Just Sam, from Harlem, won the first ever “Idol” remote final when the epidemic forced the long-running competition off the stage in 2020. She previously said on the show, “My grandmother has been saying she does not believe that people like us can make our goals come true. “To her, this is proof!”

“I persisted in pushing forward and singing, and look where it has led me. I want to encourage all the young ladies who think their ambitions are unattainable. Anyone can complete it.