Key impactful iGaming advertising tactics

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The past decade has seen innumerable changes in iGaming – as has digital marketing, for that matter – from the technology used to the way games are advertised. But, what advertising tactics can make the biggest impact? Let’s take a look.


Humor has long since been an effective marketing technique, but this is especially the case when it comes to iGaming. From TV adverts to social media posts, humor is often used for advertising online casinos. And, arguably the iGaming business to utilize humor to its fullest potential in advertisements is Paddy Power.

The Irish iGaming brand is known for its pranks, PR stunts, unfiltered social media commentary, tongue-in-cheek messaging, and ruthlessly funny adverts. Some of its most famous stunts include making light of Brexit, doing a pop-up confessional booth in Dublin coinciding with the visit of Pope Francis, pretending to give the Amazon rainforest a Brazilian wax ahead of the Brazil World Cup, and telling British MPs “You’re getting sacked in the morning” via a truck decal during a national election.

Their most recent advert shows a young man playing on his home in his girlfriend’s parents’ house. The girlfriend asks him, “Do you think I will end up looking like my mum?”. He replies “I hope so”, whilst the family look on aghast. This particular advert aims to promote their Wonder Wheel offering, which gives players the chance to win free spins, free games on Paddy Power live roulette, free scratchards, free bets, or a cash bonus. Hence, the punchline of the advert is “No matter how badly you stuff it…” – that’s ‘mess up’ here in the US – “you’ll always get another chance with Paddy Power games”.

Social media

In the modern era, it is said that consumers demand instant gratification. Put simply, this means they want to find exactly what they are looking for instantly. This growing trend has placed an emphasis on immediacy for every brand, across a wide variety of sectors, not just in iGaming.

As iGaming is accessed on the web, it goes without saying that it’s important to utilize online marketing techniques, as you can include a link to direct people straight to the page you are advertising. As such, this can help to encourage consumers along the sales funnel, as well as making the customer journey as streamlined and instantaneous as possible. With this in mind, social media can be leveraged to provide almost mini press releases, linking readers straight to the iGaming website in one click.

Another way that social media can be leveraged to advertise iGaming is influencer marketing. For example, there are a multitude of channels on YouTube and Twitch that stream themselves playing games online, which can be used to promote games or bolster your review strategy.

In the digital age, the way consumers make purchasing decisions is changing. One study found that 37% of consumers in the US trust influencers over brands themself – and this percentage is twice as high for Gen Z and Millennials. In addition, 84% of Gen Z have purchased something due to social media content.

With these statistics in mind, it goes without saying that advertising on social media – be it through paid ads, organic content, or influence marketing – is an impactful advertising technique for iGaming brands.

And there you have it – just a couple key impactful iGaming advertising tactics to take advantage of in your next marketing campaign.