Kickstarter Interested In Celo Blockchain Platform

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Kickstarter has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the crypto market. They have emerged as a great investment option. The company has several plans on expanding its network. They want to reach more and more people each day. In order to do so, they should make their network adaptable. Thus, the organization is looking to shift to a celo blockchain platform. 

Aziz Hasan and Perry Chen are the CEO & co-founder of Kickstarter. They appeared for a media interaction recently. They remarked that the crypto market is entering an era of alternate models of governance. Thus, they will be keen on focusing on the blockchain market to expand. The company has announced the launching of a brand new company. This company will have its entire website shift to Celo. 

Aziz and Chen both displayed interest in the blockchain market. They stated in their blogs their interest to create a protocol that would be open-sourced. The benefit of a blockchain market is significant. It has a diminished effect on the environment as it is negative on carbon. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Kickstarter Aiming For BlockChain Expansion

Kickstarter initially planned to announce its expansion to blockchain in 2022. Sources such as Bloomberg stated that the shift in the website would not harm its users. None of the users would be facing any problem due to the shifting. Kickstarter allows its users to fund crowds with projects like fitness & healthcare products. It also has artwork, movies, and books. 

Kickstarter also plans to set up a lab of governance. This would oversee how much the governance of protocol has developed. The company was initially launched in the year 2009. Millions of users have since then supported multiple projects of the organization.