Kim Kardashian Insists That She Did Not Photoshop Out Her Belly Button: Promotes Her Brand

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has denied suggestions by fans that she had accidentally deleted her belly button while photoshopping her image. She was pictured flaunting her svelte waistline in a SKIMS bra paired with high-waisted briefs that concealed her belly button.

The reality star was showcasing her svelte waist even as she put on a beige scoop-neck sports bra paired with a high-waist brief from SKIMS, her brand. Kim Kardashian’s fans quickly showed up in the comments segment, pointing out what they presumed was a photoshop overkill or a mistake.

Kim Kardashian was quick to correct the fans on what exactly happened to her belly button, pointing out that it was not a photoshopped belly button but instead a hidden one.

Kim Kardashian Clarified That It Was The High-Waisted Undergarment That Hid The Belly Button

She used the line ‘Belly Button Insecurities’ to point out the mistake and at the same time promoted her line of garments. Even as she flashed her cleavage in her SKIMS line of garments, she passed her hands through her raven black tresses, standing next to the pool.

She urged her fans to head out to and get theirs covered with high waist underwear like the one she wore for the photoshoot to conceal their saggy belly button and also their insecurities. Kim Kardashian was dressed in dark sweatpants matching her hair. She wore it low on the hips and she stood next to a pool, barefoot, as she basked in the sun.

It was her pristine white high-waisted underwear that did the trick of concealing her belly button and had confused her fans.

The mogul can be seen smiling widely as she shut her eyes, running her fingers through her luxuriant hair. In the final image, Kim Kardashian can be seen blissful as she leaned back clasping her hands over her head.