Kraken Has Fixed All The Gateway Issues


Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange, stated that it had investigated an issue with several other crypto funding gateways, which included a few major ones such as Ether, Bitcoin, and ERC-20, which had caused major operational delays. On 6th June, the status page of the company stated that the withdrawals and deposits were delayed, and they would be providing any and all updates as soon as it was made possible.

The first notice by the company came at around 7.44 AM when the deposits and withdrawals were delayed. This was then followed up by a couple of updates at 8.06 am UTC and 8.13 am UTC, stating that it had continued to work on a fix for the issue. The status page did not make it officially clear what was actually causing the issue. At 8.35 AM, the status page returned to its original state, with all the updates about issues and delays removed. 

Kraken Removed All Information About Updates From Its Page

The futures platform of Kraken is expected to be unavailable to users for close to 10 minutes at 10.30 am UTC on 6th June. The exchange has mentioned that the cause is site maintenance. The company is currently facing massive demands from the IRS in the United States to submit the information from the customer, which the exchange has further deemed an unjustified treasure hunt. The exchange has also asked the courts in San Francisco to intervene, claiming that the IRS has already gone a few steps too far with the unwarranted claims. 

On 18th April, Kraken was quite ready for the authorization to operate as a virtual asset service provider in Ireland. The authorization made this only the third cryptocurrency exchange that had been registered in Ireland, following Coinbase and Gemini.