Lacey Chabert Reveals Secrets About Hallmark Movies

Lacey Chabert

In a panel discussion at a recent Christmas Con gathering in California, Lacey Chabert responded to queries from the audience.

Whether she and Brennan Elliott will be making another “Crossword Mysteries” movie for Hallmark was one of the major queries that surfaced. According to People, Chabert admitted at the panel that there are not any present plans for a new “Crossword Mysteries” book.

I am incredibly pleased with the five movies, and I appreciate where they have led the characters, ultimately solving the crime, and having a happy conclusion, she told the gathering. They are incredibly entertaining, but it has been a year and a half since we produced one, so I am not entirely sure what the future of Crossword holds. Brennan Elliott added: “Hopefully, we will work together on a lot more stuff.” Brennan Elliott has already expressed a wish to produce more “Crossword” films.

Lacey Chabert Reveals If Crossword Mysteries Is Canceled

So it would seem that although the show is now on an extended hiatus, it has not yet been formally canceled. Since Lacey Chabert and Elliott both have contracts with Crown Media, if a new brand ever becomes a priority, it would be easy to assemble them.

Both Lacey Chabert and Elliott have expressed to their audiences their desire to collaborate on additional motion pictures. Elliott said the following on Twitter on July 21: “I value our partnership beyond everything else!! Blessed will always collaborate with her, and we look forward to working on a tonne more projects in the future. She and I both get to collaborate with others, but our work together is very unique. Always was and always will be.