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Latest Updates On The 4th Stimulus Check: A $2000 Petition

In case you have been hopeful about a new series of stimulus checks, you shall likely be disappointed. However, a petition of the current relief payments regarding the pandemic is making progress.

A number of families were issued financial support along with the stimulus checks for the initial three rounds. It was done to enable the families to cater to the expenses of the household and other sustenance costs. Although a fourth discharge is not on the forthcoming list to be added to President Biden’s next economic bill, there has been disbursal of more aid. This aid was provided to eligible families as payments for 60 million child tax credits

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Representatives from Washington have been arguing about making the fourth stimulus check a lesser priority because there have been signs of an economic rebound after the lockdown. There is a scenario of significant unemployment and debts that have been carried forward from the previous year.

Factors Affecting Stimulus Check

A present petition carried out by Change.org has been responsible for the collection of over 2.6 million signatures, in order for the Government to roll out the fourth stimulus check. The demand is for $2000 being allocated to adults and $1000 for children. These payments are to be made monthly for the remaining duration of the ongoing pandemic. The petition states that there have been several families who have not received the benefits of the relief fund. 

According to studies, the initial checks enable reducing hardships like insufficiency of food and instability in finances. This far into the pandemic, eligible adults have received a maximum of $3200, and the children $2500. For a large number of families that were struggling, these funds were inadequate. Although the petition is gaining traction, the fourth stimulus check becoming a reality is questionable.

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