Launch Of Layer-2 Test Network By Injective For Cosmos-Based Solana Applications


Among the few systems that use Solana’s Sea is the new test net. Developers are planning to port the Solana Web3 applications soon into the Cosmos ecosystems. This will help with engaging new clients and users to such applications and provide a wider variety of purposes for Cosmos chains. 

As per an announcement made around the 30th of March from the programmer of this Cosmos-based Injective network, a second layer network has been released which utilizes SVM. This is a huge development as this discovery means programmers would from now on not have to change their language or tools just to test their application for use in the ecosystem of Cosmos. It has been reported by a representative of the Injective that they have named this new network, “Cascade” and also that the technology used by the same is an optimistic roll-up. 

The New Injective Network To Benefit Programmers 

As per the declaration, this recent layer had been made with the aid of Eclipse, a kind of company that provides customized optimistic rollups as well as zero-knowledge for programmers. It has been stated by Injective that their network has presently been kept private but a few selected slots are being given to particular Solana programmers starting from the end of MarchAround the third half of the year 2022, the number of Solana programmers who were actively increased by a thousand percent. The network itself features several applications which hold over 2k users. Although, the Solana Web3 applications are being noted for use with Solana SVM, which is being used by only a couple of Injective networks apart from Solana itself. 

Cosmos is a conglomeration of interconnected networks created with the use of a consensus engine as well as a software development box. All of these are connected through a communications protocol which is titled IBC.