Lazarus Group Has Amassed Around $40 Million In Bitcoin

Lazarus Group

Lazarus Group, the hacking collective from North Korea, is reportedly holding on to a whopping $47 million in cryptocurrency, a lot of which is in Bitcoin- according to new data.

According to data which was collated on Dune Analytics from, the parent company of 21Shares, wallets that have been associated with the Lazarus Group have held out at around $47 million worth of digital assets, which includes $42.5 million in BTC, $1.9 million in Ether, $1.1 million in BNB, and an additional $640,000 in stablecoins, most of which is in Binance USD. However, the amount of crypto that is held does appear to have dropped from the $86 million that was held by the group on 6th September, just a few days after the hack of in which the hacking collective was implicated. 

Lazarus Group Holds A Whopping $47 Million In Bitcoin

The Dune dashboard has tracked 295 wallets that were identified by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the Office of Foreign Assets Control- as being owned by the hacking group itself. Incidentally, the Lazarus Group itself doesn’t have any such privacy coins, such as Dash, Monero, or Zcash, which are considerably more difficult to trace. At the same time, the crypto wallets of the group are still quite active, with the most recent transaction being recorded on the 20th of September. 

On the 13th of September, Cointelegraph went on to report that the Lazarus Group had been the ones behind carrying out the attack on CoinEx, a crypto exchange, which lost around $55 million. The FBI has also gone on to point the finger at Lazarus for the Alphapo, Atomic Wallet hacks, and CoinsPaid, which added up to around $200 million that had been stolen by the group in 2023. However, Chainalysis then went on to report that the crypto thefts by the hackers linked to North Korea were down by a whopping 80% from 2022.