Learn To Build A Cryptocurrency Mining Rig To Earn Bitcoin And Ethereum In 2020

cryptocurrency mining
cryptocurrency mining

If you’re interested in putting together your own mining rig at home, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll tell you what you need to set up your cryptocurrency mining rig to start mining bitcoin and ether in 2020.

In a time of huge uncertainty and instability, cryptocurrencies have remained remarkably stable. The stock market has been going through a general bearish moment since the early months of this year. On the contrary, cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and Ethereum have gained a recent up-moment in 2020.

Crypto Mining Increased In The Recent Past

Bitcoin and Ether mining
Bitcoin and Ether mining

Mining of cryptocurrencies have rapidly increased in the past few months. There has also been a growth in the purchase of GPU Cards, the primary element for building a cryptocurrency mining rig. Another important factor for such a boom is that BTC (Bitcoin) has tripled in value and ETH (Ether) has increased by $150.

Now, let’s dig into how to build your cryptocurrency mining rig and what to keep in mind while doing so.

First off, you’ll need GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). These are what actually do the mining. Other basic elements are a motherboard to plug everything into, a power PCIE riser that allows you to connect multiple GPUs to the motherboard. Another important part is the RAM that provides memory for all the programmes you will run. Typically, a Bitcoin wallet requires an approximate space of 50GB and Ether wallets require 25GB space. So, an external hard disk with about 100 to 250GB memory will work fine for your cryptocurrency mining rig.

You’ll also need a CPU to combine all the other parts and to put it simply, to make them work together. Last but not the least is a power supply to give power to everything. You can also get a rig frame with connected fans to automatically pull the heat away and balance the airflow.

Tip: Try to get a wooden or aluminium frame for your mining rig of a larger size that already consists of a cooling system and adapters and so on. A 7 GPU mining rig might be the perfect choice in this case.

Design Your Cryptocurrency Mining Rig To Earn Extra Money In 2020

After you have your materials ready, it’s time to design it. You can check out YouTube guides to get your through this process. If you have prior experience with hardware then you can even try it on your own to earn some additional income.

When you’ve assembled the cryptocurrency mining rig, then you can start off by installing the required software. You can go for your preferred mining pool. This makes the task comparatively easy as the individual mining techniques are getting difficult every day with the growing competition.

Build your cryptocurrency mining rig now to earn some passive money with the help of Bitcoins and Ether.