Lightning Has Taken The Wheel Of A European Rally Car Adventure

Lightning Labs

A Bitcoin Lightning car that has been driven by the Bitcoin Ambassadors team is now going to compete in the 8000-kilometer Baltic Sea Circle Rally race, where they would be orange-pilling competitors and campsites along the journey.

Two of the major advocates of Bitcoin- Cercatrova, the democratically elected president of Einundzwanzig, a German-speaking Bitcoin community, and Daktari, his co-pilot, have set off on the orange pilling adventure this week, where they would also attempt to pass through nine separate European countries in their Bitcoin-branded car. Cercatrova mentioned that the entire rally was a charity rally, and there were 150 teams. The race started in Hamburg and went all the way up to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and around the Baltic Sea. 

Lightning Network Car Orange Pilling In Europe

The goal of the rally is to bring Bitcoin to the people- while raising money for a bunch of sources- a coffee farmer in Panama, and a peer-to-peer ride-sharing app developed on the Lightning Network in El Salvador. Naturally, they have managed to orange pile or introduce people to Bitcoin, throughout the journey. The founder of a metal Bitcoin backup in Germany- Seedor, Christian, who has been following the entire journey in Norway stated that the duo had orange oiled the campground. The duo also showed the campground owner how to pay through cryptocurrency. 

Cercatrova also mentioned that they had managed to discuss Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and other aspects of the cryptocurrency with around 30 people as a part of the rally in chance conversations. Also, overtakers and passersby could scan the QR code on the side of the car to receive free Satoshis- which would help them start their own journey on the cryptocurrency.