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Lindsey Vonn Ends Her Relationship With P.K. Subban Broke After 3 Years

Lindsey Vonn, former gold medallist at the Olympics, and P.K. Subban, Devils star announced the end of their relationship in Instagram posts separately on Tuesday. Vonn and Subban started dating in 2018 June and declared their engagement in 2019 August.

Subban wrote in his Instagram post that Lindsey is the most caring and kind person that he knows. He will treasure their time being a couple always and the numerous laughs that they shared. He further said that after giving it some consideration, they decided that it would be better to travel forward separately. They will always remain, friends, while loving each other a lot. He demands the people respect their privacy during this difficult time.

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Lindsey Vonn is most popular for winning one bronze and one gold medal at the Winter Olympics of 2010 in Vancouver. She ended her career in 2019. Last October, Lindsey Vonn, and Subban became Angel City Football Club’s co-owners. It is a professional women’s soccer club that will play in the National Soccer League For Women in 2022. Vonn wrote that over the last three years, she and PK had incredible moments together.

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PK is a good and kind man and a person whom she has a lot of respect. She also thinks that after giving the matter some consideration, they have mutually decided to end their relationship and move forward in life separately. She promises that their friendship will never get lost, they will always try to remain friends, while loving each other a lot. She asks for some respect for their privacy during this hard time.

In October, Lindsey Vonn stated to People Magazine that this pandemic has put a damper on their plans for the wedding because the family of Subban resides in Canada and that makes it immensely difficult to coordinate.

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