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Sports Team Accounts On Social Media Create A Buzz During Pandemic Season

Guess what’s fun in 2020. It is the sports team accounts on social media that are attracting millions of followers prior to the College Football Playoffs, NFL final week, NBA regular season, the Bowl Season, 2020-21 and so on.

It can be said with guarantee now, that the social media managers of the participating teams are doing a great job in keeping their fans and followers on different social media platforms, especially Twitter, up to date and intrigued.

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The pandemic has been hard for the sports industry with no live audience to cheer for the players. Many teams have admitted that the game doesn’t seem complete when you are playing to an empty stadium. It is true that audiences could still catch-up live-streams or TV shows of their favorite seasons; however, there was still a gap that is now being fulfilled with the sports team accounts on social media.

Sports Team Accounts On Social Media- The New Way To Connect To Fans

Social media accounts of these sports teams are now the new way to engage with your favorite teams. Rael Enteen, Washington Football Team’s senior social media director mentioned in a statement that their main job was to read the room. Now that room seems to be millions of followers and a global fan base that are looking forward to any kind of information related to their teams.

He further mentioned that their team alone has about 1.2 million followers on Twitter and approximately 900,000 Instagram followers. The best way to connect to their fans in these pandemic times is to be reactive on social media, he elucidated.

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College sports team accounts are currently using social media as a place to build their personality and voice. With tweets like “undefeated season” and “rough day for Yankees fans”, they are creating quite a stir among fans and keeping the lively spirit of the sport alive.

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