Marathon Digital Coming Back To Its Old Rhythm

marathon digital

Marathon Digital is coming back to its old rhythm. It is now on track to meet the regular mid-year target which is 23 exahashes. A few days ago bitcoin showed how it stuck in the same spot for the last month. The last drop was in early March $26,000.However, it has increased to 2,195 on a quarterly record. On BTC mined showed the aforementioned record of the first quarter of 2023.

Marathon Digital Shows A Ground Breaking Quarterly Record Of The Year

The quarterly record of Bitcoin is groundbreaking. It is now worth $62 million. The latest marathon digital report shows that Bitcoin has increased up to 74% from last year’s quarter. This has increased by 41% in Q4 2022. This is a minor increment in the operation’s hash rate by 195% from Q1 2022.

Marathon also records monthly 825 BTC mined in March. Whose value has increased up to 21% production increment. Its current value is around $23.3 million. The last increment was marked in February. The CEO of Marathon Digital Fred Thiel is proud of her team. In his words, Marathon Digital has made notable progress in 2023. Along with it, they have executed two initiatives.

This will eventually help boost the second quarter and optimize performance. Since 1st January the operation hash rate has increased to 11.5 exahashes, the March study shows. Previously it was 7.0. Marathon digital management has thought of increasing the efficiency to bring it online. There are going to e 25,900 Bitcoin miners based in various facilities in North Dakota.