Mariia Tsegelnyk of “The Light of Healing” to open an International Energy Healing School 

Mariia Tsegelnyk
Mariia Tsegelnyk

Chronic Lyme Disease Survivor, Energy Healing Expert, and founder of “The Light of Healing,” Mariia Tsegelnyk reveals plans to open an international school of energy healing to reach more people 

Mariia Tsegelnyk founded “The Light of Healing” to help thousands of people in different parts of the globe to heal their body, improve their relationship, create financial prosperity and take their life to the next level. In a similar vein, Mariia recently announced plans to take energy healing to the world with the possible opening of an International Energy Healing School. 

The concept of energy healing has not particularly received the best of publicity over the years, with a popular misconception linking it to some mysterious phenomenon. Thanks to Quantum Physics revealing that everything in the universe is made out of atoms and ultimately subatomic energies and particles of light, that vibrate at specific frequencies, the concept of energy healing has become increasingly popular in recent times. Medical research has also confirmed the efficacy of Energy Healing and more hospitals across the globe are beginning to have Reiki rooms as a part of a treatment for their patients. One individual that has continued to champion the Energy Healing revolution in recent times is Mariia Tsegelnyk. 

Mariia Tsegelnyk founded “The Light of Healing,” an organization that provides clients with Energy Healing and Reiki Certifications and Trainings, Group Classes, Meditations and Hypnosis, Private Energy Healing, Coaching and Hypnosis sessions. She also developed the Healing Transformation System™, combining Energy Healing with Unconscious Mind Reprogramming (Hypnosis, coaching, NLP)  to create a long-lasting change in the life of clients, with the benefits including improved health, relationship, finances, and overall wellbeing. 

The proposed International Energy Healing School by Mariia Tsegelnyk will help the certified hypnotist and master healer reach more people across the globe as she continues to make it easier for people to leverage energy healing and their Unconscious Mind to heal their bodies AND CREATE CHANGE IN ANY AREA OF THEIR LIVES. The solution is designed to heal clients from illness or any imbalance, activate the innate inner ability to heal themselves, give up unhealthy patterns and habits, improve their health, relationship and finances. 

Mariia Tsegelnyk and “The Light of Healing” team work with clients to change their belief system through coaching, exercises, hypnosis, NLP, ultimately deleting the old limiting beliefs and unconscious programs and creating new neuroconnections in the brain and literally rewiring clients for financial success, health, and fulfillmentMore people across the globe can benefit if the international school comes into fruition