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Mario Kart Turned Into A Workout By DIY Nintendo Kit

By building the Labo Adventure Kart inspired by Mario Kart, Mike Choi emphasized the experimentation with home fitness during this challenging lockdown time. Choi, a hardware hacker, combined the Labo Kit of Nintendo, the deluxe game of Mario Kart eight, and the peripheral of Ring Fit into a challenging, full-body, and fun exercise experience.

How Does This Real-Life Mario Kart Work?

On Thursday, the designer and developer tweeted that this is a product of a great functional concept developed by him. He also shared a video series highlighting his exciting new invention. The kit of DIY requires An exercise bike, a TAPBO robot, Ring Adventure Fit peripheral, and one Nintendo switch. When all of these pieces of equipment combine, the players while breaking their sweat can deploy items while steering and accelerating. For this fitness device, the TAPBO robot module which is basically a tiny wireless robot gets connected with a Switch Controller used for making all the other components work together.

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Choi stated that the earlier prototypes of this remain fully functional with him using all of those for the last two or three months. He terms the exercise as fun while being challenging at the same time. However, this product inspired by Mario Kart is more than just a clever idea which is created mainly for athleticism and Choi’s entertainment. Choi hopes that his project totally demonstrates the Switch’s potential as a tool of fitness to other hackers of hardware like Nintendo.

He tweeted last week that he poured all of his soul and heart into this product and urges the users to enjoy this product inspired by Mario Kart. However, Engadget pointed out that other games of Switch should work technically with this Labo Adventure Fit Kat while also considering that the kit is capable of activating certain buttons for certain signals, so the user might be at a disadvantage while playing other titles without any further modification.

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