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Parler Returns With A Message For Its Users

Parler, the social media website popular among right-wing people has returned online. The website popped up on Sunday afternoon. John Matze, the Chief Executive Officer of the social media forum, penned a message for both haters and lovers. The website was previously banned by Amazon Services following the riots that ravaged the Capitol, which means it has found a new host online. 

The domain is registered under the web hosting firm Epik. Epik is popular for selling domain names and also serves as the domain for the alternative rightist app, Gab. Gab is also a social media network for far-right users. Parler website’s web hosting is not undertaken by Epik, said a representative, namely, Robert Davis. He went on to further state that Epik had no tolerance towards “activities” used in order to create difficulties for anyone else on the basis of “gender, color, or ethnicity.” 

A Brief History Of Parler

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Parler was booted off several hosting pages, namely Apple Store and Google Play. It was also kicked off the Amazon Web Services. The banishment was the result of the Capitol riots on the 6th of January. The social media website swiftly reacted with a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming “breach of contract.” Amazon was the host of the application. It was earlier reported, following the booting of the forum that Epik had hosted Parler, claims which the company has already denied. 

John Matze, CEO of the far-right application, wrote on the website’s update. In the message, he said that it was the “right time” for reminding both “lovers-haters” alike of why he had started the platform. It further read that they believed in privacy being “paramount” and free speech as “essential” on the digital media. 

Amazon reported that Parler rebounded on them with “violent threats” and violating the policies of Amazon.

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