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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Podcasts Are The Loophole For The Restricted Social Media Users

Most of the renowned social media giants have taken the necessary steps to avoid the spread of misinformation and all the baseless theories of conspiracies. This came as a precaution following the 2020 presidential elections in the United States of America.

The elections got over with Joe Biden as the winner, but this was not it for the restrictions imposed by the social media companies. It continued with it, especially due to the Capitol riot that broke out recently. However, the users still have their way to carry out the restricted actions. This has been made possible through podcasts. And the two companies responsible for this are Google and Apple.

Loophole Podcasts, By Google And Apple

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The podcasts that are left for the world to enjoy, by these two tech giants, have posed as a major loophole for the extremists. They are there for the listeners to lose themselves in the conspiracy theories of QAnon form. Not only that, there are a lot more podcasts available to take a dip into the baseless claims of President Trump, with regard to the 2020 Presidential elections, and theories of extremism which are music to the ears of some.

There is an irony with regard to the precautions taken up by the social media community concerning the spread of misinformation. There have been accounts blocked by social media companies in order to deal with the spread of misinformation or threats,  effectively. However, the same accounts that have been found guilty of breaking rules and were taken action against, have been existing vibrantly in the world of podcasts. Their podcasts are effortlessly available over the platforms provided by Google and Apple.

The restricted creators of podcasts have taken full advantage of the loophole. They have not restrained from exploiting the baseless theories of the US election and the coronavirus conspiracies.

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