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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sarah Paulson Is Visibly Head-Over-Heels For Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson, the 46-year-old acting sensation, is undeniably one the most beloved person in the Hollywood industry. She has been in a relationship with the 78-year-old Holland Taylor, since the year 2016. She made it known to the world in a speech given by her in the Emmy awards.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor had been in a private relationship before the public announcement. According to the sources, it all started when the septuagenarian slipped in the dms of Sarah. This happened in the year 2015.

Sarah Paulson’s Birthday Tribute To Taylor

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The actor has not moved an inch from her words delivered at the great announcement, she is still head-over-heels for her love interest. And this fact got stronger as ever, this Thursday. It was the 78th birthday of the great Holland Taylor.

Sarah Paulson took to the social media platform, Instagram, to wish her favorite human. She shared a lovely photo of her with the cutest caption ever. The caption said that the birthday girl was the destination of Sarah herself. She further added that she meant everything to her. Sarah also mentioned that Taylor looked really beautiful in the picture, which was in black and white, just the way Taylor preferred. She concluded it by wishing her happy birthday in block letters.

Supermodel, Cara Delavigne, could not resist making a comment to the post. She seemed to be supportive and loving in the comment section. She wrote that Sarah and Taylor, together, were the cutest of all.

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But this was it. Sarah Paulson just did not seem the one to be done with a post. She continued showering her love for her partner over Instagram stories. She went on to post back-to-back pictures of Taylor with captions that read, “ can’t stop, won’t stop”.

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