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Mastercard Has Partnered With Polygon To Launch Web3 Musician

Mastercard, the global payments giant, has decided to ramp up its exposure to the blockchain as it recently announced an accelerator program that was based on Polygon. This program would be helping musicians create their own careers through Web3. The firm went on to announce that this program- called the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, will be initiated this spring, and it will be connecting five emerging musicians from around the globe with mentors who would be helping them establish themselves in the Web3 music space.

The blog post that outlined this further stated that the artists would be gaining all-exclusive access to multiple events, music releases, and other such amenities. A curriculum- the first of its kind- will be teaching the artists how to create their brand through multiple Web3 experiences like creating NFTs, representing one in the virtual worlds, as well as establishing themselves as an engaged community. 

Mastercard Will Collaborate With Polygon To Create A Web3 Music Platform

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Mastercard is also on the verge of launching a nonfungible token collection which will be referred to as the Mastercard Music Pass- specifically made for those who will not be selected for the program. The aim of the program would be to provide the holders with educational materials, as well as unique resources through various brand collaborations- which would then help all the budding musicians start learning about the integration of Web3 in the music sector. 

Polygon seems to be quite adept at becoming a hub for several music-related projects of Web3- and Mastercard has decided to utilize it to the fullest. On the 6th of December, Cointelegraph went on to report that Warner Music Group- a global entertainment giant- had partnered with Polygon Studios and LGN.io- an e-commerce and interactive platform builder- to create another music platform called LGND Music.

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