Mastercard Has Partnered With Polygon To Launch Web3 Musician


Mastercard, known as the giant in global payments, has announced its intention to expose itself more to blockhain with a recent announcement regarding a program for accelerating musicians via Polygon. The program will help musicians make their careers individually using Web3. The firm further announced that the program – known as the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, shall start in the coming spring. It will connect 5 upcoming musicians to start with from any part of the world. They will also have mentors who will try to aid them in establishing themselves in the music space of Web3.

The post in the blog that reported this also talked about artists would gain exclusive access when it comes to amenities such as music releases and events. An unprecedented curriculum has been devised that will teach artists the process of creating brands via multiple experiences of Web3 such as making NFTs, solidifying their presence as engaging communities, as well as representation in virtual worlds.

Mastercard Will Collaborate With Polygon To Create A Web3 Music Platform

Mastercard also plans to soon launch an NFT collection that will have the name “Mastercard Music Pass”. It will be particularly for the people who fail to get into the program. The program’s aim will be to give holders education materials, as well as exclusive resources produced from all kinds of collaborations of brands. They hope this will help those budding musicians how to integrate their music into Web3.

Polygon appears to be extremely suitable for becoming the center of quite a few projects related to music concerning Web3. Mastercard intends to use it to the maximum. On Dec 6, a news outlet reported that Warner Music Group, another giant in entertainment, had entered a partnership with and Polygon Studios to make LGND Music, another platform for music.