MetaMask Has Been Warning Users Of 31st March Airdrop Rumors


MetaMask, the wallet provider of Web3, has recently warned the users of multiple false rumors that have claimed the possibility of a MetaMask airdrop- which has since then made the rounds of social media. According to a tweet made on 28th March from the company, there have been more than a few rumors regarding this purported airdrop that could take place on March 31. The company warned that not only were these rumors false, but they were also quite dangerous- for it created opportunities for phishers and scammers. Cointelegraph then went on to identify a list of Twitter accounts that had been related to a token airdrop of this company. 

MetaMask Has Warned Users of Rumors of Token Airdrops

Further, MetaMask also categorically denied all of the rumors regarding an upcoming airdrop and has also asked the users to start being more vigilant of fake sites in the next few days. The recent rumors about a token airdrop could be linked to a chat session that took place between ConsenSys CEO and Joe Lubin- the co-founder of Ethereum at ETHDenver 2023 on 14th March, where they went on to reiterate that the firm was looking to decentralize MetaMask. He also reportedly confirmed that his team intended to launch a token. Lubin had also hinted at a token in a tweet made on the 8th of November, 2021.

Although MetaMask has gone ahead and debunked this imminent airdrop, quite a few replies from the community have suggested that they are still pretty hopeful that such an airdrop could take place- but at a far later date. Cointelegraph had also contacted ConsenSys for clarification as to the plans for a future airdrop- but hadn’t heard anything more on the topic.