MeWe Social Network Could Integrate With Polkadot Parachain


MeWe, the social network, will soo integrate with the blockchain network of Frequency, which is in itself a parachain of Polkadot- according to an announcement on the 26th April at Consensus 2023.

The announcement also added that the company will start moving the accounts of its users over to the network during this particular quarter. The social network was launched a decade ago, and has often been considered to be the alternative to Facebook with allegedly better privacy protections. According to a report by Axios in September, it was mentioned that the network had around 20 million users.

Frequency, on its part, was launched as a parachain of Polkadot in November. At a Consensus 2023 panel, called Laying Web3’s Foundation With Decentralized Social Networks and Data Rights, the CEO of the social network, Jeffrey Edell, went on to state that this move would allow the social network to make a permanent commitment. 

MeWe Is Collaborating With Frequency

The CEO of MeWe claimed that they had never surveilled, or even amplified bad news or misinformation- which was not something that they used to do. This allowed them to logically set themselves up to move into the world of Web3. He further added that they would have to march slowly and prudently, but dedicate themselves to the parachain. According to this announcement, the integration between Frequency and the social media platform is completely based on the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol- which Woodham has worked on already. 

Braxton Woodham also claimed that the partnership between MeWe and Frequency will not solve all the problems that exist in social media currently. However, it would definitely provide a framework upon with the app developers would be able to build in the future.