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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Moderna Stock: 3 Reasons To Buy, 1 Reason To Sell

Moderna stock (NASDAQ: MRNA) has recently become the talk of the town. The presidential debate has recently been conducted by the biotech company. However, the main reason why the company is receiving all this attention is mRNA-1273, which is leading the vaccine search in the whole pandemic situation. Therefore, the investors must go through good analysis before plunging into the Moderna stock. Here, we have discussed 3 reasons why the Moderna stock should be bought and one single reason why it should be sold off. 

3 Reasons To Purchase Moderna Stock

1) The biotech stock has recently emerged as a massive catalyst that is highly upcoming. The company is expecting authorization from the U.S Emergency Use Authorization by the end of November. The mRNA-1273 study is progressing strongly in the company. They have already launched 19 experimental vaccines for COVID-19 in Canada, and are planning the same for Europe as well, they have already received the necessary permissions to do so. The company sincerely hopes that a successful launch of the vaccine will be the most significant inflection of the year in the history of Moderna. This gives the investors a good reason to think of the Moderna stock. 

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2) The company also has a huge possibility to receive a good sum of money into it.  If mRNA-1273 makes a noteworthy impact and wins over the EUA in the U.S, things are looking pretty bright for the company. Already the company has gained $1.1 billion in the revenue deferred from the supply deals of the vaccine for COVID-19. Therefore, naturally, the company is going to see a good amount of money being poured into it soon. This factor could play a major mind changer in the stock.

3) Moderna stock is also presenting a pipeline that appears very promising. The company has been working in this field for quite some time now. Other than the mRNA-1273, they are looking into the development of more vaccines which are based on the working of the messenger RNA. Anyway, Moderna has claimed it believes in the eradication of multiple diseases.  Significant success with the COVID-19 vaccine will make the pipeline of financial flow into the company much stronger.

Selling Moderna Stock

As promised, here is a reason why the Moderna stock should be sold. Risk factor turns out to be the sole reason why ones holding on to the shares of the Moderna stock might consider selling it. The whole future of this company is based on the usefulness of mRNA-1273. It has been clear that all the above-mentioned speculations are largely made based on the vaccine study, that is going on. In case, the performance of the mRNA-1273 does not go as per expectations, the Moderna stock might hit a huge roadblock. Not only will the situation worsen for the company on this particular vaccine, but the other endeavors will also lose the faith of the customers. 

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So, here were 3 reasons why the Moderna stock should be bought and a single reason why it should be sold off.

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