Moderna Stock Might Fall Because Of Novavax’s Advantages

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FDA emergency might be won by Moderna for its COVID-19 vaccination by the end of the year 2020. The name of the vaccine candidate is mRNA-1273. There is just another vaccine candidate amongst the list apart from mRNA-1273. It is understood and hence reported that the Moderna stock would be on the rise by billions of dollars if the mRNA-1273 becomes successful. 

This has been possible because Moderna has been able to line up a lot of companies that might fund their vaccine creation. On the contrary, Novavax has yet to begin anticipation and is still studying the coronavirus vaccination. However, if you might be having second thoughts on Novavax, you might be wrong. There are 3 distinct advantages Novavax has over Moderna. 

Novavax has more production capacity

Novavax has more capacity to produce and sell vaccines than Moderna. As of now, Novavax appears to has a greater edge in the vaccine production of the novel coronavirus than Moderna. If such a position comes up, Moderna stock would fall hugely. Moderna has the ability to produce around 20 million does of mRNA-1273 by the end of 2020. By the year 2021, it is further estimated that about 1 billion doses of vaccine would be out for the use of people. However, Novavax has the ability to create more amounts of vaccines than Moderna. In September itself, Novavax expanded its own manufacture rate with a tie-up with Serum Institute of India Private Ltd. to bring out 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine known as NVX-Cov2373 by the year 2021. It is estimated that by 2021, Novavax would have a surplus of another 1 billion in the vaccine, as suggested by BioTech. 

Whispers of the new vaccine in the market

Even though Novavax’s vaccine would take time to hit the market and cause uproar and Moderna is on its way, a new area of studies has been taken up by Novavax. There were positive results that were found on the research Novavax was having which can predict that the Moderna stock would fall. A vaccine candidate by the name of NanoFlu has been on the rise as there are whispers being heard about it. 

It is just one step away from getting the approval of the FDA after which Novavax cannot be stopped from producing more vaccines. This would affect the Moderna stock hugely even though they are now in the first place. Except for mRNA-1273, there are no new variants for the Moderna company. This is why it is definitely the stocks of the company that might fall. 

Shares of Moderna stock:

Both the companies of the biotech are competing against each other fiercely. Moderna stock has been increased by 250 percent. The Novavax stocks, however, are at a better position where the stocks have skyrocketed to about 2000 percent. Novavax’s market cap stands only at over 5 billion dollars more than Moderna. Therefore, Novavax has better potential than Moderna stock. Estimating the entire calculation and the position the different biotech companies are in, it could be well predicted that Moderna stock might be tumbling down soon.