Monkey Drainer Scammers Exposed Due To An Online Fight

Monkey Drainer

Two people were found to be responsible for a multi-million dollar fraud, according to the most recent investigation by the crypto security company CertiK, but there is a twist in the relationship between the two.

According to the research, “a handful” of con artists have been employing the phishing toolkit dubbed “Monkey Drainer” during the past few months. This kind of scam employs the “ice phishing” approach to deceive customers into giving the scammers complete access to their money.

Monkey Drainer Scam Partners Exposed

According to CertiK, two Monkey Drainer wallets used by two con artists in this kind of fraud have now been found, and this has revealed two names: Zentoh and Kai. Through web.archive, you can still access the website. It stated that “Porsche is giving a unique collection of freehand sketches in NFT form in a public free mint available from 11.11.22 for the first time in history.”

People began voicing concerns that the Monkey Drainer project might be a hoax during the time it was being marketed online, mainly on Twitter by users and bots alike. One user claimed that the website requested authorization to spend their wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), according to the article. The consumers claim that even though the request was rejected, they nevertheless suffered as a result. The money was swiftly moved to another wallet, exchanged for the DAI stablecoin, and then moved once again.

When the victim attempted to contact the assailant to request the money back, all she received was a terse response in Russian. However, Kai from Zentoh sent the con artist another on-chain message, this time in English. In addition, it implied turmoil in paradise. By shifting the money from “our wallet” to another that Zentoh had no control over, Kai seemed to have betrayed Zentoh.