Moonbirds Went Straight At The Top Of NFT Trade Volume

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Moonbirds are nonfungible tokens that were launched by Ethereum and that project is currently at the top of the volume charts of trade. This sudden improvement is because it has generated $290 million by way of sales that too within four days. At present, there are approximately 10,000-pixel owl avatar NFTs that are generated by computers. These were sold in no time on Saturday for the price of 2.5 ETH for every NFT or $7,700 reported at the time of writing. 

Moonbirds Incurred $290 Million After Its Sales In Just Four Days 

The average sale at its minimum and the floor price has been exploding on secondary markets for a long time and the OpenSea showed a huge amount of 18.45 ETH, which is $56,800 calculated at the time of writing. As per the report of CryptoSlam, a secondary sale of approximately $289.9 million has been generated by Moonbirds and the amount also included mint sales. 

The chart of the last 30 days shows that there is a huge margin where it is ahead of Azuki by 52%. The sales figures also portrayed that Moonbirds has $189.3 million worth of volume and its BAYC of 76% is worth $164.4 million.

As per the data of DappRadar, Moonbirds have collected the ninth-largest collection among all NFTs in the last few weeks with a valuation of 135 ETH which is $410,000. Moonbirds are also following the same path as BAYC as they are planning to launch NFTs that are focused on utility. These NFTs will give access to the holders of the membership club and an ecosystem that will be private. 

The NFT collection of this project was established by the PROOF Collective which is currently managing numerous projects of NFT and provides a special club for the holders carrying more than 1,000 NFTs.