More Stimulus Checks In California

stimulus check
stimulus check

The state of California finally provided another round of the stimulus checks financial aid payment. It was done on the 5th of October that fell on a Tuesday. The total amount of the payments provided to the eligible residents of the state was 480 million USD. This information was provided by the official tax board of the state. And the total number of paper checks that were sent was 375, 000.

Stimulus Check Details

It is to be noted that the stimulus check payments provided in the state might take a total of three weeks to reach the recipients. However, direct deposits will just take a few days to get deposited into the accounts of the people. This information is also provided by the Tax Board itself. In order to look into the details of the time frame of refund processing, one can check the “Wait Time dashboard” of the state of California. 

It has been stated by the authorities of the state that the beneficiaries of Social Security will not be receiving the payments. And this provision will be followed even if the said benefit is the only source of money for the person. In order to qualify for the stimulus check financial aid payments, one’s salary must not exceed a total of 75,000 USD in the year 2020.

Along with that, it is necessary to have a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number as well as the number of one’s Social Security. It is to be noted that thrones who have not filed their tax returns for the year 2020, may not be eligible to receive the stimulus check financial aid payments provided by the state. As for now, the last date to file the tax return for the year 2020 is the 15th of October.