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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

(NASDAQ: ASPU): Brokerages Recommend A “Buy” Rating For Aspen Group, Inc.

Seven analysts covering NASDAQ: ASPU stock performance announced in a report issued this week that the Aspen Group, Inc. gets a consensus rating of “Buy” from the brokerages. Among the seven who have posted their personal ratings on the company, one gave a “Sell” rating and a majority of three assigned the rating of “Buy” to the stock. The average price target (PT) currently stands at $14.20 issued on the stock last year.

Aspen Group, Inc. stocks traded at $10.24 this Friday. The company’s current market capitalization stands at $250.33 million. It has a negative PE ratio of 26.95 along with a beta of 0.77 at the moment. The 12-monthly high to low ranges from $13.16 to $4.65. The 50SMA (50 Days Simple Moving Average) stands at $9.90 and its 200SMA stands at $10.90.

NASDAQ: ASPU Stock Detailed Analysis

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The quarterly earnings report for the previous quarter was released on the 14th of February. The earnings of ASPU stocks stood at $0.05 EPS matching the general consensus of $0.05 proposed by analysts at Thomson Reuters. The company’s return on equity stands at -11.93% along with a net margin of -14.06%. The estimated income for the firm was marked at $15.49 million but it made $16.97 million for the quarter. Analysts expect the company to post Full Year 2020 earnings per share of -0.24.

Zacks Investment Research has issued a report on this ed-tech company on the 15th of February. In the report, Zacks’ analysts lowered the rating of this company from an earlier “Hold” to a “Sell” rating.

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have also altered their shareholdings in this company.  Among some of the notable ones are Citigroup Inc., BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA, EP Wealth Advisors LLC, American International Group Inc., The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and so on. All of these hefty investors have boosted their holdings in this company.

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