ZUO Has Been Given A Hold Rating By Analysts


Several brokerages from Wall Street have issued a rating of hold for the stocks of ZUO according to reports. One of the investment analysts covering the firm has also given the company a rating of sell, while three others gave it a rating of hold. The price target set by the firm over the course of a single year for ZUO is $14.10. 

The Quarterly Estimates of ZUO

Zacks Investment Research has gone ahead and reduced the rating of the company from buy to hold in an 11th December research note.

Interestingly, the stocks of ZUO traded on Monday at $16.83. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $14.90, while the moving average price of the company over 200 days is $12.23. The quick ratio of the company has been set at 1.68, while the debt-to-equity ratio has been fixed at 0.02. The year low of the company is $6.21, while the year high has been set at $17.79. ZUO enjoys a market cap of around $2.01 billion, with a 2.20 beta, and a -24.39 PE ratio. 

The stocks of ZUO previously issued their quarterly results on the 2nd of December. The EPS reported by the company over the quarter was $0.01, which was compared with the consensus estimate put up at $0.05. The company has a 47.35% negative return on equity, with a negative net margin of around 27.34%. The revenue earned by the company for the quarter was $77.20 million, which was considerably more than the consensus range of $73.83 million.  

ZUO is simply software that uses the cloud to take care of other businesses as they are trying to get a foothold in the subscription business. The company offers its platform which works similar to a subscription management centre- which allows the client and the company to orient efficiently.