PTEN Has Received A Hold Rating


Brokerages at Wall Street have already issued a hold recommendation for PTEN, after reports have come from twenty-one different analysts. According to said reports, five of the investment analysts have already given the stocks of this company a rating of sell, while twelve of them have given it a rating of hold. The two other analysts prescribed a rating of buy. The price target of the company calculated over a year has been set at $3.83. 

The Quarterly Estimate Of PTEN

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of PTEN. ATB Cap Markets has already increased the rating of the company from underperform, to sector perform in a 9th December research note. Smith Barney Citigroup has also gone the same way- having increased the price target on the company from $3 to $6 in a 15th December research note. In the end, Zacks Investment Research also increased the price of the company to $7, with a rating of buy set. 

The stocks of PTEN traded on Monday at $6.28. The year low of the company has been set at $1.61, while the year high of the company has been fixed at $7.65. The market cap of PTEN is $1.18 billion, with a 3.20 beta, and a -1.52 PE ratio. The moving average of the company over 50 days is $6.21, while the moving average of the company over 200-days is $4.43. The company enjoys a 0.46 debt-to-equity ratio. 

The company previously issued its quarterly results on the 4th of February. The EPS reported by PTEN for the quarter was $0.57, which was slightly less than the consensus estimate of $0.62. The return on their equity was -16.24%, with a -56.10% net margin.