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Saturday, April 10, 2021

NASDAQ EA Has Sold Almost 330 Shares

The EVP of NASDAQ EA, Matthew Bilbey has ended up selling close to 330 shares of the stocks of the company in a 1st April transaction. The average price of the shares was $136.73, for a total value of around $45,120. Currently, the EVP has control over almost 6,093 shares of the company which has a valuation of around $833,095.89. The documents of the transaction have been disclosed to the SEC in a filing and are available on the official website of the department. 

The Quarterly Estimates Of NASDAQ EA

The stocks of NASDAQ EA traded on Friday at $2.59. The moving average price of the company over 50 days has been $135.85, while the moving average price of the company over a period of 200 days is $133.45. The market cap of the firm is $39.68 billion, with a PE ratio of around 30.73, along with a PEG ratio of 2.83. The stocks also have a year low of around $97.50, with a year high of around $150.30. The quick ratio of the company has been set at 2.75, with a 2.75 current ratio. 

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NASDAQ EA had previously announced its earnings results on the 1st of February. The gaming company had reported an EPS of around $3.06 for that quarter- which ended up beating the consensus estimate of Zacks by around $0.10. The revenue earned by the firm over the quarter was $2.40 billion with a consensus estimate set at $2.38 billion. The return on the company’s equity has been 17.85%, with a 23.51% net margin. 

There have been quite a few companies that have commented on the shares of NASDAQ EA. Cowen has already increased the price rating of the company from $161 to $171 with a rating of “outperform” in a 3rd February research report. Morgan Stanley has also increased the price target of the company from $140 to $150 with a rating of equal weight in a 22nd December research note. Credit Suisse Group has also increased the price target of the company from $153 to $160 in a 3rd February research note. Benchmark has also reaffirmed their rating of buy with a price target of around $177 in a 9th February research report.

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