NASDAQ:GOOGL, NYSE:CAT, NYSE:TWLO- Three Stocks That You Should Buy In November


NASDAQ:GOOGL, NYSE:TWLO, and NYSE:CAT should be the three stocks that you could attempt for in November. Most investors have been standing on the sides looking for a good purchasing chance and it is a huge possibility that they might just get their patience rewarded- mostly in part due to the recent volatility in the stock market. Since most of the markets have already started retreating in the wake of rising COVID cases, continuous delays in the new stimulus package, and a contested election, investors might have a field day shopping for stocks. With that being said, it is also important to be picky about the stocks an investor might just buy- for there is a chance that the markets are still not safe when it comes to volatility. 

Sometimes, long-term investing is all about shutting out the noise and bringing forth great companies irrespective of the headline risk. While there are quite a few investors that claim that markets pulling back is the best thing when it comes to buying opportunities- the story is quite different when it comes to situations of increasing volatility. Here are three stocks that you should consider buying in November so you might regain confidence and make better investing decisions in December. The stocks of NASDAQ:GOOGL, NYSE:CAT, and NYSE:TWLO are perfect because they all have something to offer.


Last week saw most of the tech companies reporting their quarterly earnings- and although most of them sold off, the stocks of NASDAQ:GOOGL rallied after seeing constructive price action. This ought to tell us that the Alphabet stocks are displaying strength and might place itself quite heavily in the market after the latter subsides. This company has been the largest internet search provider all over the world- pretty much the reason it hasn’t been prevalent amidst the crosshairs of the DoJ. 


With this company, investors have the option of owning the world’s largest manufacturer of mining and construction equipment, and turbines for industrial gas. NYSE:CAT did see some steep declines in the demands for its products during the pandemic- but it in no way signifies that they should be written off entirely. The balance sheet of this company is around $9.3 billion, which should be enough to take care of the financial position till the pandemic recedes. It is assured that with the development of the economy, the sales of this company would definitely see a strong uptick, as the housing market demand is already playing in its favor. 


The final stock on this list is NYSE:TWLO, a firm that deals in cloud-based communications helping businesses to build real-time communications. Although it is a stock that has been part of quite some heavy selling, this company is absolutely heading in the correct direction. This pandemic is really helping the company soar through the roof, as more and more businesses are looking towards the solutions this company provides with regards to company-to-customer virtual interactions. 

NASDAQ:GOOGL, NYSE:CAT, and NYSE:TWLO are three of the stocks that should be in the eyes of every investor looking to make the most of the current situation.