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Monday, August 15, 2022

NASDAQ:VIRT Increases its Short Interest by 26.9%

NASDAQ:VIRT has already seen quite a big increase in the short interest in September. If we consider the 30th of September, the short interest totaled close to 4 million shares- which was an increase of 26.9% as the shares numbered 3,090,000 on the 15th of September. If the average daily volume of 1,630,000 is taken under consideration, the current days-to-cover ratio is around 2.4 days. The company’s stock has around 4% of its short sold.

The stocks of NASDAQ:VIRT opened quite well at $23.23 last Friday. The debt-to-equity ratio for the company is around 1.22, in which the quick ratio is 0.82, and the current ratio is 0.82. The company has a 52 week high of $28.59, while the 52 week low is about $14.94. The moving average for 50 days for the company is $24.91 on an average, while the moving average for 200 days is $24.07. The market capitalization for the stock is $4.49 billion, with a beta of -0.39, and a P/E ratio of 7.28. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NASDAQ:VIRT

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Recently, NASDAQ:VIRT brought out the earnings results- on the 7th of August. The provider of financial services has an EPS of $1.73 for this quarter, which was well above the estimate set by consensus at Zacks’. The company had a net margin of 14.76%, while the return on its equity was 48.31%. The revenue for the company was around $905.90 million, which was much more than the expectations of analysts at $649.12 million. Same time last year, the company had been earning an EPS of $0.16. The quarterly revenue for the business was around 141.5% when compared this year. Most of the equities analysts have been expecting NASDAQ:VIRT to post an EPS of 5.32.

NASDAQ:VIRT saw quite an increase in the month of September.

Quite a few analysts of equities have been weighing in on the shares of NASDAQ:VIRT. UBS group has already dropped their price target from $26 to $24, and given the company a neutral rating in one of the research notes, dated the 10th of August. Zacks Investment Research, too, has downgraded the shares of the company from a hold, to a sell- while setting up a price target of $24 on this stock- in yet another research note that was dated the 9th of October. Piper Sandler also did away with the price target on the shares of the company from $31 to $29, while setting up a rating for overweight on the stock. Morgan Stanley reduced their price target on the shares of the company from $25 to $24, while putting up an equal weight for their research note. Citigroup also joined in on the fray, having set a neutral rating, and dropping the shares of the company from $26 to $25. 

Virtu Financial Company Profile (NASDAQ:VIRT)

NASDAQ:VIRT has been a major provider of liquidity services, as well as market making through multi-asset, proprietary, and multi-currency technology platforms that are provided throughout the world. 

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NASDAQ:VIRT usually uses the Market Making segment for cash, options, and futures markets across several equities, and fixed income, etc. 

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