Nervos Network Ckb Prices Posts Double-Digit Gain After The Launch Of Godwoken Layer 2

Nervos Network

Nervos Network CKB has recently booked a gain of more than 35% after their new launch, Godwoken, layer 2.

Positive price movements are very rare in bear markets. The lackadaisical interest from the investors and the media makes the market very tough in such times.

When all the cryptos went downwards, Nervos Network CKB managed to flash green on 12th June, after their successful launch of Layer 2. CKB has put on a 50% gain in July after climbing from 0.0033 in June.

Experts suggest three main reasons behind the positive gain and success in the market for the currency. Their release of the Layer 2 solutions of Godwoken and their launch of MFT on the Narvos mainnet have made things better for them.

The Launch Of The Layer-2 Solution By Nervos Network: 

The prices were ignited on 29th June for CKB when they launched their new L2 Godwoken solutions. We know from their announcements that it is an ETH Virtual Machine that can help to build projects across different sectors and bring the DApps to Nervos Network.

The EVM compatibility makes it superior to other products as it has become possible for the L2 that any projects launched on it will be easily operable from other EVM chains. This helps to increase the reach and grows the user base.

Before the spikes in CKB prices, the developers have said that Godwoken is integrated with the Celer cBridge to make the bridging of assets between Nervos and ETH. It enables the developers to keep the transactions scalable and low-cost while employing ETH contracts.

Sources have confirmed that their recent developments of the NFT marketplace on protocol’s mainnet will also benefit the company and the customers.