Nervos Network Gains Significantly

Trezor CEO ZachXBT

Nervos Network is one of the biggest names in the crypto market. They have emerged as a giant in the crypto scenario and have cemented their place as a trusted network. They have been showing signs of consistent growth over the past few years. The trend has been carried on in recent times as well. The company has recorded a significant profit recently. According to the latest data, CKB has gained over 35% in the market. This happened soon after they released a new NFT marketplace and the Godwoken L1 solution.

Such trends are really very rare going by the general curve of the crypto market. The market has been going through a rough patch recently. All the companies have witnessed a dip in their prices. Even big names like Ethereum and Bitcoin have seen their prices drop drastically. Thus, the news from Nervos Network is like a breath of fresh air for everyone. The experts have also appreciated the move of CKB. They said that a positive movement of price during the ongoing bearish trends of the market is extremely difficult to get. This usually happens because of the constant FUD from the media and the lack of urgency to invest from the investors. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Nervos Network Profits Significantly 

Nervos Network is on a high at the moment. They have recorded a price jump of thirty-five percent despite the ongoing downward curves of the market. The CKB also had to go through a significant amount of losses during the past few months. Their prices dropped down to $0.0033 in the month of June. 

However, the way Nervos Network has bounced back has been commanding. They have jumped to $0.005 in just a matter of one month. This has been one of the highlights of the otherwise dim crypto market so far.