Netflix Stock Investors Will Not Stop Earning Anytime Soon


Netflix stock investors have earned a lot for the last ten years. With its first original series, the House of Cards debuted in 2013, there was no going back. The company has given a new meaning to the entertainment era, globally.

Although the current returns are not as high as it used to be, Netflix stock is not going to sadden its investors. Read more to find out why.

Reasons that will Keep the Netflix Stock Investors Afloat –

1. The ever-increasing global technology-

The growing dependence on technology is the strongest defense for Netflix’s sustainable growth. As the number of internet users grows, so will the number of subscribers grow. According to the Cisco Systems white paper, the total users of the internet around the world will be 5.3 billion. This is estimated after taking into account, the fact that internet users will rise by 1.4 billion, globally. The growth of connected devices will be proportional. 

It is also reported by Cisco that the improvement in mobile internet connectivity will be outstanding. Not only that, by 2023, mobile connectivity, globally, will increase to 71%. With this level of potentiality, the stock investors of Netflix still have a lot to earn.

2. There simply is no point of saturation when it comes to the growth rate of the Netflix Stock

What started in 2010 with just 20 million subscribers, has reached 195 million in the Q3 of 2020. With this, the growth rate, annually, has either been 20% or more. According to Mark Mahaney, the Capital Analyst of RCB, Netflix subscribers are likely to increase somewhere between 475 to 525 million by 2030. This denotes an increase of 10% per year at the midpoint, annually for Netflix Stock. 

3. The profit margin of the company –

Netflix stock investors are very likely to earn by its profit margin. What has kept the operating profit margin of the company around a satisfying level for the last ten years, is its expenditure on the content.

In 2020, the operating margin is to be at 16% to improve the long-term profitability, as said by the management. 

Mahaney is quite optimistic that the operating margin of Netflix could increase by twice by 2030, paving the way for a stronger bottom line.

According to the estimation of a consensus analyst, there will be the per-share growing earnings of Netflix, for the next five years.

Whatsoever, the original content of the company is the main player against all other possible misfortunes, including the competing services. Netflix stock investors can be hopeful to earn good returns based on these points.