Stimulus Check Update: City Might Get 50M As Energy Bills


Officials from San Antonio in Texas have been considering using their $ 50 million revenue to provide the stimulus check to the customers.

Texans’ energy costs have increased recently due to being obliged to consume more electricity due to record-breaking heat. As a result, according to city manager Erik Walsh, the cash the city receives from CPS Energy will be $75 million more than anticipated. 13 percent of the utility’s revenue is given to the city.

According to Texas Public Radio, Walsh is suggesting utilizing around $50 million of it to offer assistance to individuals and businesses residing both inside and outside the city.

He said he would make the suggestion known to the municipal council members at a meeting on Thursday.

Texas People Will Be Getting Another Round Of Stimulus Check:

Walsh’s proposal calls for spending about $45 million to offer a prospective energy bill credit. The remainder would go toward CPS Energy’s Home Energy Assistance Program for low-income customers.

The idea suggests that the credit should be deducted from the future payment by around 13.3% of what the client paid in July. The credit would be dependent on the customer’s July bill.

Residential consumers, according to Walsh, saw an average bill increase to $230 in July, suggesting they should anticipate a rebate of around $31.

Along with planting trees and reducing the “urban heat island effect,” Bravo also asks the city to spend $10 million on building “community resilience centres” where people may go for heating or cooling.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, he would suggest spending $20 million on weatherization and power efficiency improvements for older, draughty homes that consume more electricity than newer homes.

Texas people can be assured that they will find the best stimulus check for them.