Nidal Rasheed, the Force Behind Silvertail Property Group, Shares His Motivation Behind His Tremendous Success

Nidal Rasheed
Nidal Rasheed

Nidal Rasheed, a successful entrepreneur, and property expert, who has aided hundreds of families to get on and climb up the property ladder, talks about the main motivation behind his growth and success. 

Nidal Rasheed is the son of a migrant family that came to Australia in search of better opportunities and to build the foundation for happy and peaceful living, for generations to come. Nidal always had a knack for business ever since he was in his earlier teens and ended up finding ways to earn his pocket money through different means rather than asking from his family. It all started from selling lollies out of vending machines at 14 to having his restaurant at just 22 years of age.  

“The restaurant business was a costly learning experience that cost me 2.5 years and almost sent me bankrupt at 25. I was able to bounce right back up, pursue my passion for property and make my first million dollars by the time I was 30. Now I run a boutique property agency that helps people play monopoly in real life,” says Nidal Rasheed. 

Nidal Rasheed faced many struggles throughout these years, mainly because of him being too young and inexperienced initially. Later on, he learned and applied those lessons to his advantage. He now runs a successful company called ‘Silvertail Property Group’ that helps people buy and/or build new properties.  

Rasheed has an enduring passion for inspiring growth, creating wealth, and enabling financial freedom for his clients and his employees. He aims to develop long-term relationships with his clients and to serve their needs as professionally as he can, as well as carry them through a stress-free, streamlined, investment process. 

Nidal aspires to live a balanced, purposeful, and healthy life with his family as his constant motivation.