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BAYC Hodler Loses 100 ETH In ‘Joke’ Domain Sale Gone Wrong

The sell-out NFT of Nickelodeon has dropped. This might mean second place on OpenSea’s 24-hour sales volume chart. The Animator of the Simpsons has decided on animating the NFT series.

One of the major Bored Ape Yacht Club token hodler aka BAYC Hodler is reportedly said to have lost some 100 Ether as a joke bid in his registered Ethereum Name Service Domain. The BAYC NFT hodler has lost $150000 on this bid.

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BAYC Hodler Loses Money On Joke Bet: 

This NFT Whale already owns 57 of these BAYC NFTs in his collection. He is on Twitter by the name of @franklinisbored. This guy was using an alternate wallet last Wednesday when the incident took place.

Later it was revealed that this was a part of a meme, and it was discussed with some other NFT collectors in the community. They were trying to trigger the EndBidsBot account to tweet a 100ETH bid on the domain. This was targeted to mock the fundamental purpose of those accounts.

Now when the BAYC Hodler’s ENS domain got the bid of 1.9ETH, @franklinisbored forgot to remove his 100ETH bid and accepted the 1.9ETH bid.

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Nickelodeon’s Successful NFT Drop:

The leap Nickelodeon took from being a TV show developer to being an NFT space astronomer was surprising. With the trading volumes that are surging after the project was sold out 10000 of their avatars this week.

The drop was live last Tuesday when 10000 NFTs depicting different characters like Rugrats and Hey Arnold! with different traits went downward. Their collectables were $50 a Pop while the article was being written. Even floor price OpenSea has seen an upward graph.

In the last few hours, the NFTs of Nickelodeon have generated the second largest trading volume of any projects on OpenSea at 1,066.05 ETH.

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