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North Carolina Stimulus Check: Gas Stimulus Checks

Several states and counties are providing gas stimulus checks to residents to help them offset the cost of rising gas prices. Lawmakers in North Carolina have also proposed sending gas stimulus checks. If approved, gas stimulus checks from North Carolina would be $200. The checks proposed by the state senators would go to every licensed adult driver in North Carolina.

Gas Stimulus Checks From North Carolina: Who Will Get Them?

On Thursday, the bill (Senate Bill 897) titled the Gas Tax Rebate Act of 2022 was filed by the state senators that calls for giving $200 stimulus checks from North Carolina to eligible drivers. The proposal calls for transferring $1.3 billion from the state’s anticipated collection of about $4 billion.

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State Sen. Michael Garrett, D-Greensboro, notes that $200 roughly equals the average that a North Carolinian would pay in state gas taxes from July to December.

“This approach keeps the Highway Fund and the Highway Trust Fund whole, while still collecting revenue from non-residents passing through our state using our roads, highways, and bridges,” said Sen. Garrett, who is also one of the bill’s co-sponsors.

To qualify for the gas stimulus check, a driver must be a North Carolina resident as of March 31, 2022, be over the age of 18 and have a valid N.C. driver’s license. The payment would come in the form of a check or a debit card. Once approved, the payment would be sent “as soon as practicable” but no later than Oct. 1, 2022.

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Gas prices in the state have surged to record highs. Though the prices have dropped marginally from the all-time high of $4.38 on May 20, they are still hovering around the same level. On Thursday, the national average price per gallon hit $4.71, compared to $4.60 a week ago and $3.04 a year ago.

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