Not Satisfied With iPhone 12? Here’s What Apple Has In Store For iPhone 13

iPhone 12, iPhone 13

The new Apple iPhone 12 is set to release in October as per latest leaks from reliable sources. But if what you’re looking for is not there in iPhone 12, you’re sure to find it in iPhone 13 coming next year, latest iPhone 13 predictions claim.

Isn’t it odd to discuss about iPhone 13 even before the 2020 Apple iPhone 12 line-up has not launched? Welcome to smartphone rumors world. The first serious leak regarding the next Apple series coming up in 2021 is here.

The October iPhone 12 release is just around the corner. Though Apple has not made any official announcements yet, there have been accidental leaks in the shipment department which have revealed the silicon cases of the expected models. This has confirmed the model names and the sizes of the four new iPhone 12 devices. Along with that, price predictions and shipment details have also been released by reliable Apple leakers. So, it’s just a matter of weeks before we have the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 13 To Have What’s Missing In iPhone 12

But several Apple fans are not happy about the iPhone 12 models as they are unlikely to offer fast refresh rates in their devices this year. The new iPhone 12 is expected to feature an OLED display with 5G connectivity but fans are displeased about the refresh rates of the devices. The 2021 iPhone 13 models are supposed to have what you need.

Mizuho Securities, an investment banking firm in Japan has predicted this claim about the new iPhone 13 months before its release. Ross Young, a display expert claims that Apple will possibly include new refresh rates in its next year’s models. This will be similar to the refresh rate that Samsung added to its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra this year.

iPhone 13 To Use LTPO Tech For Adjustable Refresh Rates

The tweet posted by Ross Young elaborates on how he expects the fresh rates on the iPhone 13 Pro model displays to use LTPO technology. This tech will allow your iPhone to alter refresh rates automatically depending on what you’re performing. So, if you’re playing games or scrolling, your device will automatically use a faster refresh rate and if you’re reading something or looking at a photo, it will use a slower refresh rate to conserve battery life.

Initially, there were rumors that the iPhone 12 coming out this month will include a 120Hz refresh rate but many leakers now believe that Apple might skip that part in 2020’s devices.

2021 iPhones are likely to include other attractive features like integrated touch which means thinner panels and lesser cost. The camera sensor will also get a boost in the iPhone 13 models as per recent leaks about the next year’s line-up. None of these is confirmed but we have months of rumors to look forward to for the iPhone 13 models.