Notice 1444-C To Follow The Stimulus Check: Keep An Eye Out For This Important IRS Letter

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Keep an eye out for the Notice 1444-C set to come through the US Postal Service. Every stimulus check sent either through direct deposit, paper check, or prepaid debit cards was followed by a letter from the IRS containing details of the payment.

Close to 165 million payments have already been sent by the IRS under the American Rescue Plan signed by President Biden on March 11, 2021. The payments will to some extent help Americans handle the severe economic downturn following the pandemic.

The letter normally comes in about 2 weeks after the stimulus check is dispatched, or a direct deposit made into your account. It is an important piece of paper that you might need for further claims from, or communication with, the IRS.

Preserve Notice 1444-C that follows the stimulus check

The economic impact letter contains vital information, including the amount you have received from the IRS. You will not get a duplicate copy of the letter and this piece of paper will be valuable for claiming any amount in the future.

This letter is all the more vital if you haven’t received your stimulus check, or if the amount you received is less than what you expected.

There could be several reasons you got the incorrect amount in your check. The IRS could have based their payment of the 2019 returns. Or they might have missed the birth of a child in 2020. The number of dependents might also have increased and each one can contribute up to $1,400 to the total amount of your stimulus check.

You might also have missed out on your stimulus payment if you haven’t updated information on your bank account or your latest mailing address.

Notice 1444-C contains vital information that could assist you to take care of the above issues. You get to know the amount which should help you in claiming the balance amount if any.

The letter will also tell you the mode of payment, whether it is a direct transfer, a paper check, or a prepaid debit card.

The notice is also a vital record of any amount you have received. It will help you to claim the rest.

If a plus-up or follow-up payment is not sent by the IRS, you might have to wait for the 2021 tax season to claim any pending amount. The plus-up payments are being sent out to those who have filed their current returns after they had received their third stimulus check.

If you haven’t received Notice 1444-C, you should log in to the IRS website and sign up for a federal tax account. It will also give you all the information contained in Notice 1444-C.