November Could See 3 Stimulus Check Payments Coming Out- Will You Be Receiving Any?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

It has been pretty well-documented that while the federal government hasn’t been upfront about issuing any stimulus check payments over the last year and the current year, the state governments have been picking up the slack and have been constantly issuing payments to the citizens in the state.

In fact, one can safely state that close to a dozen different states have already received some form of relief payment this year- with the current population dealing with the ravages of record-high inflation. This package could include payments such as relief checks and rebates. In the month of November, there would be some states that could start with the distribution of relief funds to all the citizens that are deemed eligible. 

California Would Be Issuing Stimulus Check Payment To Citizens

One such state that would be receiving the stimulus check payment in November is California. It is assumed that close to 23 million residents in the state could be receiving tax refunds worth $1,050- which would be largely due to the one-time stimulus payments that the state would soon start issuing. These payments would have a total sum of $9.5 billion, which does make it the largest program in the history of the Golden State.

This initiative has been referred to as the Middle-Class Tax Refund, which does come at an appropriate time with the inflation reaching record highs nationally. It has also been noted that the state managed to secure a surplus of $97.5 billion while finalizing the budget that would also bring into account the payment packages to be issued. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, stated in a recent interview that he had full knowledge of the hardships that the people in the country were going through- and he wanted to put the money back into the pockets of the citizens of California. This is why the state government had been enmeshed over sending in refunds that were worth thousands of dollars that would be helping the families pay for everything- ranging from gas to groceries.

But, in order to qualify for the payment, one would have to meet a few certain requirements. One needs to be a resident of the Golden State for six months or more in the current tax year of 2020. They must also file a tax return for 2020 by the 15th of October, 2021, and should have adjusted their gross income within the required thresholds. Also, they need to make sure that they aren’t claimed as dependent by anyone else. 

It is expected that the payments for eligible couples who have already filed for their taxes jointly would be in the range of $400 to $1,050. Individuals who do qualify for the payment would be receiving a stimulus check payment from $200 to $700. The amount of the stimulus payments would also be dependent on a couple of factors- the number of dependents, and the annual income of the individual. The most generous amount, which would be a sum of $1,050, will ideally be sent to married couples who have filed for their taxes and have an annual income below $150,000- along with a dependent.

A couple in that income category could easily receive up to $700 if they don’t have any dependents. Individual taxpayers with an annual income below $75,000 could be receiving a sum of $700 if they end up having a dependent, and a sum of $350 if they do not have one. The payments would gradually be phased out for those who have an annual sum of $500,000 in income for married couples, and a sum of $250,000 as individuals annually. The residents in the state with incomes above these payment thresholds will not be receiving the stimulus check payments. 

stimulus checks
stimulus check

The stimulus check payments should be going out between this month and January of next year. The direct deposits would be sent to those individuals who had filed for their state returns in 2020 and had already received a refund from the state through direct deposit. Almost 90% of the direct deposits would be coming in, in October- starting on Friday. Every other payment could be issued through debit cards that would then be sent through the mail in the latter half of the month. One can expect around 18 million payments to be issued this year and the checks would be benefitting close to 23 million people.

Illinois and New Mexico Could Be Following Suit

Along with California, another state that could be issuing stimulus check payments would be Evanston, Illinois. The citizens in this state would be receiving their first payment in weeks under the Universal Basic Income pilot- under which around 150 households would be benefitting. It has been assumed that they would be earning around $500 per month for a whole year. In order to be eligible, one would have to be a citizen in an Evanston household with an income of around 250% below the federal poverty line.

One would also have to be an adult between the ages of 18 and 24 or be an adult above the age of 62 years. One could also be an undocumented community member in order to avail of the payment. For a single-person household, the 250% has been set at $33,975, and for a two-person household, the figure has been set at $45,775. The applications for this payment already closed up in August. 

The last state to receive some form of stimulus check payment in the following months would be New Mexico. In this state, a deadline was just passed that would allow one to claim a relief check with a worth of around $400. These payments would be going out to most of the low-income residents. The fastest way to make sure that the application is approved would be by opting for direct deposit.