Analyzing Levi Strauss (NYSE: LEVI) After It Received A Consensus Rating Of ‘Buy’


13 firms have given a consensus recommendation of ‘buy’ to Levi Strauss & Co. (NYSE: LEVI) shares. The company had an average of $20.44 price objective in the previous year from the analysts.

On Wednesday, the shares of the company started from $19.82 with the market cap being $7.87B. Their lowest in 12 months is $9.09 while the highest is $21.83. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 1.96, 1.36, and 1.30. Furthermore, the 50-day rolling average stands at $19.50 while 200 day is at $15.03.

According to the 6th October report, the company had quarterly earnings of $0.08 that topped the $0.22 consensus estimate by $0.30. Their net margin was 1.90% with a 7.10% equity return. Their revenue was $1.06B, surpassing the $822.25M estimate.

Stock Market Proceedings Of LEVI

JPMorgan Chase & Co raised the price objective of the stock to $18 from $17 and issued a rating of ‘overweight’. TheStreet promoted the rating to ‘c-’ from ‘d’. Goldman Sachs Lifted the price objective to $23 from $11 and raised the rating to ‘buy’ from ‘sell’. Zacks Research demoted the rating to ‘hold’ from ‘strong buy’. Morgan Stanley lifted the rating to ‘overweight’ from ‘equal weight’ and raised the price objective to $22 from $18.

David Friedman, the Director, sold off 25,000 LEVI shares at $20.60 EPS worth $515,000. Seth Jaffe, EVP, sold off 8,123 LEVI shares at $13.85 EPS worth $112,503.55. Insiders own stocks worth 6.48%.

Banque C. Vaudoise acquired a new stake in the firm in Q3 priced at $27,000 shares. Perpetual Ltd bought a new position in Q3 and owns $32,000 worth of shares. Prospera Fin. Services acquired a new position in Q3, owning $64,000 worth of shares. PNC Services increased their holdings by almost 246.9% in Q2, owning shares worth $74,000. Zurich Kantonalbank raised their stake by approximately 80.5% in Q3 and own $114,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors own Levi stocks worth 9.17%.