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Monday, August 15, 2022

NYSE: ZYME Will Announce $0.88 EPS According To Stock Market Brokerages

Zymeworks Inc is expected to bring in quarterly earnings of $0.88 per share for the quarter, as per stock market brokerages. Five market analysts predict that NYSE: ZYME will announce their earnings per share between $1.06 and $0.62. This shows a negative decline of 25.7 percent from what Zymeworks earned last year during the same fiscal quarter, which was $0.70. 

The company will announce its earnings for this quarter on 3rd November during the Tuesday report.

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As per reports, stock market analysts are anticipating that NYSE: ZYME will report $3.40 EPS for this year. The estimates range between $4.02 and $3.00. It’s also been reported that the stock market analysts expect Zymeworks to bring in $4.23 EPS for the next year. The estimates range between $4.89 and $3.65. 

On 5th August, during a Wednesday report, Zymeworks last revealed its quarterly earnings. The firm revealed that its quarterly earnings were $0.77 EPS. According to the stock market consensus, the estimate was around $0.86. The company’s negative return in equity and negative net margin are 44.06 percent and 569.13 percent respectively. The company also announced its quarterly earnings at $12.36 million, which surpassed the stock market analysts’ predictions of $8.54 million. 

What Do Stock Market Analysts Say About NYSE: ZYME?

Bloom Burton issued a rating of “Buy” in Zymeworks shares on 14th July during the Sunday report. HC Wainwright decreased its target price in NYSE: ZYME shares to $54.00 from $60.00. They also used a rating of “Buy” on 9th July during the Thursday report. Canaccord Genuity boosted its target price for Zymeworks to $42.00 from $25.00. They also issued a rating of “buy” on 13th July during a Monday report. 

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Raymond James announces a target price of $60.99 for NYSE: ZYME shares and issued a rating of “strong buy” on 6th August during the Thursday report. Zachs Investment Research decreases its Zymeworks shares from a rating of “hold” to a rating of “sell” on 15th August during a Saturday report. 

Which Stock Market Investors Increased Or Decreased Their Zymeworks Stakes Recently?

CNB Bank increased its Zymeworks stakes by 121.4 percent. They currently own an estimate of $28,000, which comes from 775 company shares. Zurcher Kantonalbank Zurich Cantonalbank recently purchased NYSE: ZYME shares worth $44,000. Similarly, Contravisory Investment Management Inc purchased NYSE: ZYME shares worth $46,000. An approximate of $63,000 Zymeworks shares have also been acquired by Bessemer Group Inc. last but not the least, Great West Life Assurance Co also purchased NYSE: ZYME shares worth $90,000. 

It should be noted that 75.11 percent of Zymeworks Inc’s stock is owned by institutional investors and stock market hedge funds.

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