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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

NYSE:V Has its EPS Estimates Reduced By Oppenheimer

NYSE:V has had their Q2 earnings for 2021 decreased by the stock analysts working at Oppenheimer in one of the research notes that was sent out on the 21st of October. D. Gabriele, the analyst working at Oppenheimer has not predicted that the processor of credit cards would be posting an EPS of $1.44 for this quarter- which is much less than the previous estimate that was fixed at $1.47. The brokerage firm has also issued several estimates for NYSE:V’s Q3 earnings for 2021 with an EPS of $1.42, and the FY2021 earnings with an EPS of $5.47.

The Quarterly Earnings of NYSE:V

NYSE:V has its quarterly earnings issued last on the 28th of July. The processor of credit-card has reported an EPS of $1.07 for this quarter which beat out the consensus estimate set by Thomson Reuters’ at $1.02. The revenue generated by this company was around $4.84 billion or this quarter, which was rivalled with a revenue of $4.85 by the consensus estimates. The return on its equity was 40.65%, while the net margin was around 51.37%. Last year, the EPS of this company was around $1.37 in the same period. 

The Research Reports on NYSE:V

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There have been several research reports on NYSE:V. Raymond James has already increased the objective price on this company from $204 to $217 while giving the company a rating of ‘outperform’ in a report that was issued on the 29th of July. JPMorgan Chase & Co, too, increased their price objective on this firm from $186 to $229, with a rating of ‘overweight’ in yet another report that was released on the 17th of August. Jefferies Financial Group also lifted the target price of NYSE:V from $185 to $205, with a rating of hold for the stocks in a research report that was published on the 2nd of October. Goldman Sachs Group, which has already initiated coverage on this company, has fixed a price target of $223, with a rating of buy in a report that was issued on the 14th of July. Mizuho also joined the fray quite late, with a reiteration of its previous rating, and a target price of $250, in an October 8th research report. Out of all the research analysts that have covered this firm, there are six of them who have given the firm a rating of hold, while twenty-four of them have given NYSE:V a rating of buy. Currently, the average rating for this company is ‘buy’, with a target price at an average of $215.62. 

NYSE:V did open their shares at a price of $197.99, where the debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.59, while the quick ratio and current ratio stand at 1.55. The fifty-day moving average for this company is $202.09, while the moving average for two hundred-day is $192.84.

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