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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NYSE:WGO Has Been Boosted By Analysts in its Q2 2021 EPS Estimates

NYSE:WGO has had research analysts from Jefferies Financial Group increasing their estimates on the Q2 2021 EPS for their shares in one of the research notes that was issued on the 21st of October. B. Jordan, one of the research analysts from Jefferies Financial Group has now predicted an EPS of around $1.03 for this construction company for this quarter- increasing it from the previous estimate of $0.92. Jefferies Financial Group has also brought out the estimate for NYSE:WGO’s Q3 2021 earnings at around $1.23 EPS, an EPS of around $0.86 for Q4 2021, an EPS of $0.88 for Q1 2022, and $0.99 for Q2 2022. 

The Research Reports of NYSE:WGO

NYSE:WGO has always been the recipient of several research reports. Wolfe Research has already changed the shares of this company from a rating of ‘peer perform’ to a rating of ‘outperform’ with a price target of $59 in a research report that was published on the 22nd of September. CNFA also increased the rating of this firm from sell to buy in yet another research note that was published on the 1st of September. SunTrust Banks began with an improvement on the existing target price- increasing it from $70 to $72, with a buy rating for the stock in a 25th June research report. Truist Financial, on the other hand, decreased the target price on this company from $72 to $68 in a research report issued on the 14th of September. BMO Capital Markets also increased the target price on this company from $40 to $75, while giving the company a rating of ‘outperform’ in a 25th June report. Three of the analysts covering the firm have given it a rating of hold, while six of them have given it a rating of buy. Currently, NYSE:WGO has a rating of Buy from all the analysts, with a target price of $69.63. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NYSE:WGO

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The shares of NYSE:WGO opened at a rate of $51.12, where the debt-to-equity ratio was 0.58, the quick ratio at 1.48, and the current ratio at  2.31. The moving average price for 50 days for this company is $52.25, while the moving average price for 200 days is $54.65. The firm also has a 1 year low of $16.94, while the 1 year high is $72.65. The market capitalization for the firm is $1.72 billion, while the beta is 2.13, and the P/E ratio is 32.15. The company had previously issued its quarterly earnings results on the 21st of October. The EPS reported by the company was $1.45, which comfortably beat the estimate reported by Thomson Reuters. The net margin for this quarter was 2.37$, with a return on its equity at around 9.21%.

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